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is a person who likes to create things, including people, choreography, and prose

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    Big night for America's funniest comedy

  2. OLD (n.) - a time when it is necessary to DIY a back brace while wrapping presents

  3. Wrote just under 1% of a novel today. Halfway there.

  4. What's a reasonable amount of for one person to drink per day?

  5. Eight hours of sleep out of the last 68 hours. I'd say "I can't" but obviously I can and am.

  6. Kellé book, how you thrill me.

    Translated from Hungarian by

  7. What is your go-to news outlet? I can't handle 's videos anymore. Love .

  8. YES "...musical combination of words no one else could possibly come up w/, congratulations... doesn’t mean you should use it."

  9. Tonight's dinner: 4 bites of Lucy's gluten-free pizza, 2 handfuls of chocolate chips, and 2 glasses of red.

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    "The Lawbreaker" by Contest at ­contest/

  11. I am furious I know what this is

  12. Why does assume that because I am a mom I am searching for clothes that hide my figure?

  13. It's only October 7 and I'm already wearing my microwavable slippers

  14. I like when I write emails to compliment a stranger's article + they write back with surprised thanks. Zero agenda, feel-good Wednesday.

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    be kind to your fellow writers. They will be the ones you lean on through the MFA and beyond!

  16. Listening to 's audiobk on my phone. Gas station attendant (incredulous): "...are you talking to Rob Lowe?" Me, to phone: "Hold on."

  17. Kind of relieved that Amy Poehler has not won an so that she can keep churning out brilliance to snag one.

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    I want Elizabeth Strout to be carried around the stage on people's shoulders right now.

  19. Well : thanks for spoiling the ending of every show I haven't watched yet.

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