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#wowchallenge recap – last chance, romance

It’s not a beautiful day here in Boston, even though tomorrow is supposed to be 70 degrees. Coincidentally, that means it’s a great day to sharpen your writing skills (no matter where you are!) and enter the #wowchallenge before tomorrow (the last day to enter). Unplug yourself for a little while and use this to clear your mind and get something accomplished today.

Below is a full rundown of the 5 writing prompts that you can use. Enter by posting in the comments section, or by emailing me at [email protected] if you’re too shy to post.

For a full rundown of each prompt – including prize details – click on the numbered #wowchallenge link. Remember that you can use these prompts for any kind of writing: nonfiction, fiction, poems, short stories, screenplays, essays, expository… whatever strikes your mood.

Until then: happy writing.

#wowchallenge 1 : Opening & Closing Lines
First, come up with an alluring opening line based on this picture.

Hint: this brunch photograph was taken on a late September morning in a major U.S. metropolitan city.

Then, come up with your closing line. You can choose to either: 1. Come up with a line based solely off of the first picture/what might happen there, or 2. Invent an entirely new line based off of the picture below, and use your creative magic to get from A to B.

Rooftop Pool

#wowchallenge 2 :  Extra, extra – Read All About It
Skim through your local newspaper, favorite online news source, or a stray magazine. Don’t read the stories, though – just look at the headlines. Pick a headline at random (or, really, whichever strikes you). Then, write a brief poem or flash fiction based on the direction that the headline sends you.

#wowchallenge 3 : Dream On
Ask a couple of people about a dream that they’ve had recently, or their most distinct/weirdest dream ever. Choose any or all of the following options.

  1. Use one as inspiration to write a poem, microfiction, or short story.
  2. Use one to write a fake book blurb.
  3. Think about – and develop a character who would be in one, and fill out the 25 questions.

#wowchallenge 4 : Bite Sized
Write a poem, flash fiction, or short story only using words that have 5 letters or less.

#wowchallenge 5 : Art as Inspiration
Craft a creative piece that is inspired by a work of art. Writers find inspiration everywhere: coffee shops, within their personal relationships, the frenetic energy of a city, the calm tranquility of the countryside. This time, you’ll compose something based off of an image. You can choose one of your own (if you do, please post the link!) or use Robert Longo’s “ ” as inspiration.

This is our print of Gretchen. She hangs out in the entryway to our home.

This is our print of Gretchen. She hangs out in the entryway to our home.

A close-up of Robert Longo's "Gretchen"

A close-up of Robert Longo’s “Gretchen”

Contact me with any questions that you might have. Enjoy!