wow challenge 2: extra, extra

This challenge is meant to stimulate your brains into writing something – nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and more – into a new direction. I came up with this post pre-bombing yesterday. It is too true that these tragedies bring out media in droves, which makes this prompt all the more relevant.


Welcome to the second installment of the “Week of Writing” (WOW) challenge! Please scroll to the bottom of today’s writing prompt to view the full contest details.

Today’s #wow challenge : Extra, extra – read all about it.

Skim through your local newspaper, favorite online news source, or a stray magazine. Don’t read the stories, though – just look at the headlines.

Pick a headline at random (or, really, whichever strikes your fancy). Then, write a brief poem or flash fiction based on the direction that the headline sends you.

Need inspiration? Here is a screenshot of the homepage, for example, from one week ago today (April 9):

Headlines galore!

“Mayday Mayday: A True Story by the Man Who Fell” – um, amazing.

Here’s an example of one I wrote about seven years ago. (And now, I feel old.)

“Spare Dreams”

He perches on the city street. His haunted eyes
peer over his colorless beard. I think
a worn, tattered coat even adorns his shapeless body.
Gritty and pale, his hand shakes a battered cup.

“Spare dreams? Can you spare some dreams?” I deposit
one of mine in his cup. It was an old one, anyway,
that I’d given up some time ago.
He won’t know the difference.

The #wowchallenge Contest Rules :

Based off of the feedback I receive after this full week of writer’s challenges, it has a high potential to run again in the future.

Basically, how it works: there will be 5 challenges (Monday through Friday of this week.) Writers who submit one finished product in the comment section (of any 5 challenges) will get their name in a hat. If you submit two finished products, then you get your name in said hat twice. Three, three times. That said: you have up to five chances to get your name in the hat by submitting your writing.

What do you win? One of two prizes!
(If you don’t want to be considered for one of the prizes, then please make that clear in the comment section.)

Prize 1 : A copy of Q & A a Day: 365 Questions, 5 Years, 1,825 Answers . This book was published by the Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House. It’s been a lifesaver for me in terms of writing, teaching, deep questions, and thought inspiration.

image (6)

Prize 2 : I’ll do a FULL edit of up to 10 pages of your writing, double-spaced. (My credentials include two stints as a editorial board member, 18 months as a copywriter for LivingSocial, a Creative Writing M.F.A., a number of published works, two novels in the running, and five years as a professor.) This does not have to be the one that you submit for the challenge. It can be ANY story or poem, a college essay, an email… anything.

Winners will be picked from the hat and announced on the blog on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. When you submit your comment, please submit with the understanding that a collection of my favorite entries will be published in a special blog post, with full credit given to you.

Happy writing! Be sure to post your work in the comments section to be considered for the #wowchallenge contest.

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