How to Become a Writer If You Are a Student

College students are always looking for flexible money-making gigs that will help them earn extra bucks for survival in college. These are jobs they can easily manage while they study. Writing happens to be one of the well paying skills that a majority of college students venture into. With perfect writing skills, you not only have an easy time handling your own assignments, but also you get to make money writing for others who are not as passionate about writing as you.
Writing could go a long way to uplift you financially while in college. It is important to note that handling essays is not the only form of writing you can engage in. You may find yourself ghostwriting for newspapers and magazines, writing e-books for short story publishers, among other endless opportunities. However, you might want to improve your writing skills if you want to thrive in this highly competitive industry.
Looking for ways to become a writer as a student? The following are a few guidelines:


The more you write, the more you get used to it, and the more you become passionate about it. Create a simple blog where you can post your stuff. On what to write about, choose a particular area of interest such as copyediting or social media marketing. Anything that sparks interest in you is worth writing about as long as it helps you practice. Share links to your blog posts with friends so that they can share what they think about your content.

Utilize Free College Resources

You don’t own a computer yet? Utilize the ones in college until you are in a position to buy your own. Consider using free college Wi-Fi instead of investing in an alternative internet connection.

Advertise Your Work

Besides having your friends give their opinions about your writing, you should consider getting more people to see your work. The outside criticism and encouragement from unknown people is the kind of motivation you need in order to understand where you stand and what to specifically improve on. Sharing links to your various posts on social media platforms is one way of advertising your writing skills. It is a very convenient way of getting clients.

Charge Wisely

As you continue to win clients over with your writing expertise, ensure that you are getting paid what is worth your services. Keep adjusting your rates as you continue building an impressive writing portfolio.

Find a Balance

Don’t get into writing and forget that your studies need your attention too. Writing should be part-time as long as you are still studying. You should, therefore, strike a balance between the two so that none ends up affected negatively. After you are through with college, depending on the progress made in writing, you can decide whether to venture into it full-time or proceed to advance the career you studied for.

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